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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click campaigns are fantastic in the respect that the results can be almost instant. However, without correct planning and the knowledge required to optimise and manage a successful campaign, you will find yourself burning through your marketing budget at a fair rate of knots.


Many of our PPC clients have often viewed pay per click marketing as a "set and forget" campaign, and this is clearly not the best way to see it. To get the best value from any campaign, you need to be managing the account on a regular basis, refining keywords, CPC bids and of course monitoring the return on your investment.


At QDOS Digital, we have successfully worked with numerous clients on both planning and inaugurating new campaigns. We also specialise in taking over poorly performing PPC campaigns and turning them around. The end result is often a dramatic increase in web traffic and conversions and naturally a significant decrease in costs.


PPC Management Services

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