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Website Usability - UX & UE Consultation

Once your website is built, it is all to easy to focus on marketing and forget one of the most important steps in the quest for the ultimate website: customer experience. Many people see online marketing as a numbers game. If you push enough people through the funnel, then eventually you will get the required amount of sales. Many websites have not been optimised to make best use of the traffic they already have, instead concentrating on driving ever-larger quantites of traffic.


The fact is, you really have one go to impress a potential customer. Unlike shopping in the physical world, it is simply a click of a mouse to visit the next website, not a long walk across town. With this in mind, you need to make the whole experience as good as it can be... if you don't, you can rest assured one of your competitors will. And once a potential customer leaves, statistically, they are unlikely to return if they had a bad experience.


Thankfully, poor website experiences are entirely avoidable and easily resolved. At QDOS Digital, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your website is performing to the best of its ability and your customers love it.


Using best practices we can ensure that your website usability is as it should be. Everything from page load speed, through to ecommerce funnels and navigation, we will test and study every feature to ensure that the website is realising its full potential… and where something requires optimisation, we will suggest the best approach.



Website Usability - UX and UE Consulting

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